Hello there! I’m Brianna, a 24-year-old fashion enthusiast living out her dream on the Upper West Side of Manhattan by working at Michael Kors as the Retail Communications Coordinator. I’m originally from Seattle and absolutely obsessed with the Pacific Northwest. I lived in Utah for five years where I attended Utah Valley University and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in the Communications program.

I first became enamored with New York City when I spent my fall semester of 2013 interning at Seventeen Magazine. I interned in the fashion closet and had opportunities of assisting renowned stylists, assisting on photo shoots and having an eye into the market of fashion. This experience solidified not only my love for fashion but my styling ability and passion as well. At this point in my life, the city has also allowed me to develop some edge in my style in addition to my more feminine  taste. As I fell in love with this crazy place, I fell in love with almost every aspect of this concrete jungle, but especially the people. You can’t help but have an appreciation for the art, culture, and diversity that comes with every corner you turn. I truly believe you can learn something important from every individual you encounter and this city has allowed me to experience that time and time over.

I spent 3.5 years of college working at Nordstrom in various departments and thrived by developing relationships and outfitting my customers head-to-toe. I am constantly amazed at the trends and styles set by the designers in the industry and loved working with their product in such a hands on way. I owe so much to my time at Nordstrom and although it’s in the past, I learned tremendous amounts of knowledge in regards to fashion and myself through my employment there.

My life being all consumed by fashion has is what led me to begin my blog and start Blossoming Blonde. I created this space as a place I can share products I love, styles that are on trend but modest, hair trends and how-to’s, beauty tips, outfitting items you already have in your closet, dressing chic without breaking the bank and the must-have’s for each season.

After moving to Manhattan, the city did what it does best and has kept me more than busy! With all the bustle and change that occurred in my life as I moved here almost two years ago, Blossoming Blonde received the short end of the stick and received some neglect. I cannot wait to share my life I have built here with all of you and the fashion and style inspiration I receive in my office, on the subway and everywhere else in between.

I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you!