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This shoot is truly a ‘Throwback Thursday’ post. It was actually the very first photo shoot I did for the blog! Working with the talented Melissa Henrie my photographer and Kelcie Billat my hair stylist, we all took a trip up to SLC to scout out some fun and edgy places to shoot. I’ll admit I had no idea what I was doing! I hadn’t posed for photos since probably my senior pictures. The outcome is what you see and this shoot is still one of my favorites to date!

 My outfit was definitely inspired by the city girl in me. When camo first came out I was so opposed to ever sporting it. Working at Nordstrom, it ended up being all consuming. I actually purchased these jeans last summer my last day at BP before I moved to the city. I liked that the camo had darker shades of green and I became obsessed with the black stripes. I purchased them with the intent that they would be perfect for Manhattan. Which, they totally were. I always love adding a red lip to add contrast, and how could you not love chucks with these camo skinnies? It’s so easy to fall in love with autumn fashion and it’s time to break out long sleeves!

Top: |Modbod|

Vest: Nordstrom, BP {old}

Jeans: Nordstrom, BP {old, similar} on sale!

Shoes: Nordstrom |Converse|

Lipstick : Nordstrom |MAC Red|

Bag: {NYC Boutique}

Hair: Kelcie Billat

Photos: Melissa Henrie