So I definitely branched out of my comfort zone a little with two purchases for this outfit.

Can you guess which?

The flower crown and the printed track pants. How did you know?

While working at Nordstrom, I observed the new trends right when they came in.

Some of them would bother me at first but many began to grow on me over time.

This probably had to do with my constant exposure to the styles.

Both of these items fell under those categories for me.

These pants had already been trending for a year or so when I purchased them.

Everyone around me was obsessed and I just couldn’t hop on this trendy train.

It wasn’t until this black and white elephant print arrived in a morning shipment,  that my mind was changed.

I was attracted to the fact that because they were black & white they could practically match anything.

Then during a slow time of the day, I found myself taking the pants back into the dressing room.

I was sold on them instantly because I didn’t want to take them off.

They were SO comfortable.

Not to mention, they really make your butt look great, just a side fact…

You feel like you are wearing sweats but you can dress them up and wear them to work, school, your internship etc.

Versatility is key when you are choosing to purchase items to add to your closet.

So flower crowns…

As I previously shared, I was skeptical to style these for myself.

I saw many women I knew rocking them because flower crowns fit their style perfect.

I felt they just weren’t me.

I haven’t really worn headbands for awhile but have always admired the people that pulled them off.

I know guys that are inspiration with them as well!

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Once again, I chose to start basic.

I love the mellow and traditional color palette with this flower crown.

With just the right amount of leaves poking out, it’s not an overwhelming amount of greenery.

The size is fairly moderate considering other styles and just adds the right amount of something extra to any outfit.

This could easily be styled with something more plain that doesn’t have bold prints.

It would also be stylish with bold colors since it would remain neutral.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

I also believe we speak through our style and specifically, our shoes.

They truly give insight into a person’s personality.

These shoes aren’t trendy like my pants or flower crown.

These heels are a classic.

I have owned them since High School and not only have they been durable, they are still in style.

They aren’t too low or too high.

I can rock wearing them for a long day and even some long distances because of the height.

These heels have strutted the streets of Manhattan, sat in church pews, led me to job interviews and seen the halls of campus.

They provide good stability and are a perfect staple to maintain class with edgy and trendy outfits.

I advise everyone to wisely consider investing in a pair of heels similar to these.

Drawstring waists? Absolutely yes.

I am such a fan of pants with these.

You can choose how tight you really want to style your outfit for the day.

Depending on the pieces you put with your outfit, sometimes baggy is more appropriate and sometimes more fitted is.

Heck, sometimes just right in-between!

These are perfect for occasions such as Thanksgiving when you know you’ll be eating more than normal.

You don’t have to un-button your pants, just loosen your strings a little ;)

But honestly, the pants are comfy enough and this was a selling piece for me.

You can also accentuate your waist with the style if it’s a part of your body you are confident about!

I am a firm believer in accentuating what you have and feeling confident with the body you’ve been given.

Hair is key.

With the flower crown, I was unsure of how to do my hair for the day.

Thankfully I had my hair goddess Kelcie Billat taking care of me.

We agreed beachy curls gave something to the outfit but didn’t distract from the details I had styled.

The style worked well with the flower crown and balanced out as well.

These curls are basic and quick and you can pull them together on the go.

Styling is a head-to-toe arrangement and putting all of the components together like an equation is how you make it happen!

Happy styling!

Top: Nordstrom, BP {old, similar}

Pants: Nordstrom, BP |different print|

Shoes: DSW {old}

Headband: Nordstrom, BP {old, similar}

Watch: Nordstrom, |Michael Kors|

Photos: Mary Claire Photography

Hair styling: Kelcie Billat