Hi guys! I can’t believe I’m announcing that I am officially done with school forever! I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism from UVU! It will be a month from tomorrow that I officially finished and time has been going by so fast.

I’m still looking into different options for jobs and interviewing so I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’m doing yet, but in the meantime I’ve been going on some fun trips and playing a little. After 5 years of being a full-time student, I deserve that right? I think so!

Graduation was surreal and went by so fast. My mom and dad came out from California and my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and two of my best guy friends attended my commencement ceremony where Mitt Romney spoke. I would say that was the highlight of the ceremonies.

When I started shopping for a graduation dress, I definitely wanted to make a statement. I know I’m not pursuing my education past my bachelor’s degree so I wanted to make a splash with my last graduation ever. I ordered tons of dresses from Nordstrom, looked at J. Crew, ASOS and so on but Anthropologie really came through for me.

I had seen this dress in the Anthropologie at Rockefeller Center in New York and had tried it on but didn’t have the money to buy it that trip. When I went shopping at City Creek in Salt Lake, I didn’t see it anywhere and was so devastated it was gone. I then just thought I would ask and it just happened that they had one left in the back and that it was my size. Destiny? I’d like to think so. I will recommend that if you’re a little bustier to go up a size because it’s very tight in the chest area.

I then knew that I wanted to do a grad shoot with the ever so talented Melissa Henrie and I wanted to look and feel like a million bucks. I teased my parents the next excuse I have to get all glammed up is my wedding and who knows when that will be! So I made an appointment for a balayage with Kelcie Billat and a makeup appointment with Audrey Vane. I can’t thank either of them enough for making me feel so sparkly on my big day.

I want to send a big congratulation to any other current graduates! Getting a degree is hard work and an accomplishment to be truly proud of and celebrate.

Dress: Anthropologie // Heels: Steve Madden {old, similar} // Hair: Kelcie Billat // Makeup: Audrey Vane (email me for info) // Lipstick: Candy Yum-Yum, MAC // Photos: Melissa Henrie