I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend!

Today is the first day of school for many students this fall and it’s definitely a week of change.

I had the opportunity of going to Moab, UT for the weekend with some friends & went camping.

As much as I would probably prefer ‘glamping’ it was actually refreshing to detach and enjoy nature.

I will admit that I happily adjusted back to being my feminine self and putting on some lipstick again.

Speaking of which, this is my favorite lipstick.

It’s MAC ‘Candy Yum Yum’ and I wear it all of the time.

I wore it on my first day of classes and had two of my male professors comment on the boldness of it.

I assured them it wasn’t the last time they would see it or the only bright color I would wear.

It adds so much personality to the simplest of color palettes and outfits.

It also perfectly describes my personality.

Summer may be coming to a close, but there are still rays of sunshine and some warm days left.

These sunglasses are my go-to because they have a unique shape and style, and are more than affordable.

At only $12! You can afford to break or lose them and replace them.

Sunglasses are the one item, I personally don’t invest in designer pairs.

I am far too careless with them so I stock up on BP Nordstrom sunglasses like these.

These jeans are a pair I always get comments and compliments on.

People are usually intrigued by the variation in denim color and patches.

They may be trendy but they are definitely an ‘it’ item for this season.

I paired a black sweater with these jeans because there is enough going on that something simpler was needed.

I adore the femininity and simplicity of the basic white bow.

I also just had my hair colored for this shoot and nothing better to accent light blonde hair than black.

I was skeptical about investing a significant amount of money into a pink wallet.

It didn’t seem all that practical but I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

It adds the perfect pop to outfits like this and makes a statement in itself.

The leather is great quality and really holds up. It’s definitely been thrown around my bag more than I should admit.

But you truly cannot go wrong with kate spade.

For whatever reason I have an infatuation with flowers when I’m on a shoot.

If I can find one, I will incorporate it into my photo.

This was just a single stem blossom I found and loved the pop of yellow it added to my already pops of pink.

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These shoes are a must for this fall. Actually not just the fall, every season.

They are the most comfortable booties I have ever tried on, let alone owned.

The black out of all the colors looks dressier than they are.

I even had someone ask me on an occasion if they were Vince! 

Now that’s a serious compliment if you ask me.

I have worn them for my 8.5 hour shifts at Nordstrom many times and they never left my feet hurting.

The heel may not be huge, but still gives you a little more and makes your legs look that much better!

They are cute not just with denim, but style them with tights and skirts this fall & winter season too!

It might not be super noticeable, but I always have french tips!

I love adding crazy bold colors to my toes (let’s be real, mostly pink…)

But you’ll never find me with color on my fingers.

I love them on other people, but on myself for 1. I hate short nails.

2. I don’t like my nails not matching what I’m wearing.

With french tips, they match everything and always look classy.

I also am addicted to shellac. I find the premium to be such a worthwhile investment.

Normal polish chips so easily and being a women and constantly using my hands, there’s no point to normal polish.

Whether it’s doing dishes or crafty projects, I’m always using my nails!

French tips also hide that grow out period that much better than colored polish, which I love!

I hope these tips and collections imparts some timely style and beauty inspiration for this week!

There are some exciting new things in the making for Blossoming Blonde, so stay tuned.

Have a good one my loyal readers!

Top: Nordstrom, BP Department {old}

Jeans: Nordstrom, Savvy Department {old, similar}

Shoes: Nordstrom, |BP Shoes|

Wallet: Nordstrom, |Kate Spade|

Lipstick: Nordstrom, |MAC|

Sunglasses: Nordstrom, |BP|

Photos: Melissa Henrie