So this week has been pretty crazy for starters!

I have my last day of classes for the week tomorrow and may or may not be Lake Powell bound for the weekend.

Although school has been great and I’m actually loving my new class load, there is something I’ve noticed this week.

Summer is most definitely coming to a close.

Every year summer transitions to fall at a different time in Utah and I’ve been keenly observing when it would happen.

With constant thunderstorms and grey clouds… Fall is speaking for itself.

Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet to me. I love summer weather but adore fall clothes.

This week has also been nostalgic as I enter my university senior year.

It’s been exactly one year from today that I began my first day as an intern at Seventeen Magazine.

This is also the day I met one of my lifelong best friends. Here’s a little shoutout to MacKenzie Fanaro. XX.

My time in Manhattan really shaped who I am today and was a huge inspiration for this blog.

Time is flying by faster than I can grasp, but am so grateful for all I’ve been blessed with.

So speaking of inspiration, this outfit was inspired for rainy days and Seattle skies.

I felt it was definitely appropriate and within the grey theme to include my favorite Washington necklace.

My screen tee has enough going on that I didn’t need a bold necklace so this was a perfect small add on.

This screen tee is also one of my favorite pieces in my closet.

La Vie Est Pleine is translated “full of life”.

I would like to think even on the darkest and stormiest of days that I am still full of life and bringing that to others.

This top can be paired with various styles and almost any color scheme.

Having this style of jacket is so crucial for this fall! I cannot emphasize this enough.

I am actually surprised that I purchased it in green, considering the color hardly does anything for my fair skin.

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For whatever reason, this shade actually worked.

The jacket was returned to me in my size when I was working at Nordstrom.

Once I put it on and received feedback from my co-workers, there was no going back, it was a must-have.

I seriously throw it on over anything.

If I know I might be cold on campus, going to a bonfire or a movie, I grab it.

My Hunter boots are a clear necessity for being a Seattle born and raised girl.

They’ve done me well in downpour there, thunderstorms in Utah and sideways rain in NYC.

I also appreciate them when it comes winter in Utah and snow begins to fall.

The traction on the bottom is decent for getting around for errands throughout the day

They can be perfect for a lake trip, especially fishing.

I wanted to demonstrate that they are more than a fashion statement and a brand.

Hunters are great quality that are durable and make great use for several activities.

I’m actually amazed that we were able to get these shots of me in the water.

The rocks were SO slimy and I was convinced I was going to just slip and totally eat it!

Luckily I maintained enough grace and balance to prevent that, but it was a close call.

This jacket is definitely cute as an accessory around the waist but serves its primary purpose providing warmth.

It can also be cutely styled with scarves or even a light weight hoodie underneath. The hoodie can provide some rain protection.

It also has versatility featuring a waisted draw string.

This helps the jacket to develop shape and be more flattering.

 This farewell to summer might be a hard one, but cheers to welcoming fall!

Everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Top: Nordstrom, Savvy Department {old}

Jacket: Nordstrom, Savvy Department {old, similar}

Necklace: Etsy, sold out! {similar}

Jeans: Nordstrom, |Citizens of Humanity|

Boots: Nordstrom, |Hunter|

Lipstick: Macy’s, |Mac| Mangrove Matte

Hair highlights: Kelcie Billat

Photos: Gilbert Cisneros