Today I am feeling super nostalgic because it’s Mercedes Benz NYFW 2014.

One year ago, I had the opportunity of filling in for my fashion assistant at Seventeen and attending the beloved event.

I found out 10 minutes before doors opened for Betsey Johnson.

I literally ran all the way from Hearst Tower to Lincoln Center.

Sweat dripping down my back, I had the third row privilege of seeing Betsey’s designs.

Topped off by her traditional cartwheel at the end, my life felt more glamorous than ever.

I give NYC entire credit for the two outfits I wore in this shoot.

Not that they’re entirely edgy  but this is something I never would have wore prior to living there.

This faux leather skirt was actually a freebie I received while interning at Seventeen. 

As I was assembling my spotty outfit, I was inspired to share my animalistic persona.

Animal print isn’t something I own much of, but I do love this top.

I scored it at a brand new TJ Maxx in Vegas and the price was perfect.

The top is a little shorter in length than I prefer, but perfect tucked into a skater skirt like this.

Truth be told, I don’t actually skate.

I have tried to learn on several occasions but keep failing. Maybe one day I’ll nail it!

This being said, this was a real shot of me attempting to skate.

Soon followed by me screaming at Melissa to help grab me so I didn’t crash.

I’m glad she actually caught the shot.

The skaters at the park were fairly cooperative, considering their annoyance of my presence.

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Recreate this look:

Top: TJ Maxx, Two by Vince Camuto {old}

Skirt: Forever 21 {old, similar}

Shoes: Nordstrom, |Converse|

Lipstick: Nordstrom |MAC Red|

Photos: Melissa Henrie

So I’m not the hugest fan of the half up top knot.

I have seen several of them that I feel are way too overdone and are becoming way too trendy.

Given the fact that I have fairly thin hair, I liked the appearance of a fairly small one and gave it a try.

I felt it fit the style of the shoot perfectly and am slowly warming up to the trend itself, but I’m still not in love.

Red lipstick is one of my favorite statements.

It brightens up an outfit and makes people notice you.

Not that I’m the attention craving type, but I love the contrast of the bright color on my fair skin.

I also feel that it demonstrates confidence to rock something super bold.

If you already wear the color, keep it up. If not, give it a try!

This shirt is actually an oldie, but still a goodie.

A day or two after I was offered the internship position at Seventeen, I rewarded myself with this shirt at Nordstrom.

I may have spent way too much money on it, but gifted it to myself as a reward for my upcoming experience.

I am so glad I invested in it because it’s a go to that I wear all of the time!

I have paired it with feminine floral blazers and with maxi skirts to this outfit.

It’s extremely versatile with the basic black and white text.

I’m sure you are all picking up on my obsession of NYC and I’m itching to go back when I graduate.

It stole a special place in my heart and taught me so many things I am forever grateful for.

Repping it when I’m out and about is something I just have to do ;)

I hope you all tune into NYFW 2014 and observe the trends for this coming spring.

The designers are truly talented and their photos are being covered by all major magazines and companies such as Nordstrom etc.

I am also trying to keep summer weather alive and wearing my skirts while I still have a chance, I advise you to do the same.

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Happy NYFW!

Top: Nordstrom, TBD {old, similar}

Skirt: Nordstrom Rack, Free People {old, similar}

Shoes: Urban Outfitters {old}

Lipstick: Nordstrom, |MAC Red|

Photos: Melissa Henrie